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Overview on Available Features

Auto Attendant

"You have reached MYBUSINESS... for sales, press 1...for support, press 2...". The welcome greeting is the first thing a caller hears when calling your SUMO Cloud PBX number. The auto attendant feature of SUMO Cloud PBX functions like a virtual receptionist, that welcomes callers and directs them to departments, employees and other company information. The auto attendant often announces a company's name, followed by a selection of dialing options. A typical welcome message may sound like "Thank you for calling Company ABC, for Sales, press 1, for Accounts, press 2, and for our dial-by-name directory, press 4". Callers press the number that corresponds to their selection and are directed to the person or department they are trying to reach. Our fully customizable auto attendant will let you upload your own greetings and customize a horde of options that will make your business sound like a fortune 500 company.

Hunt Group

The Hunt Group or Call Group feature of SUMO Cloud PBX allows you to rotate incoming calls through a pool of extensions until the call is answered by one of the extensions. This feature is particularly useful if you want to advertize a single number and enable all or some of your employees to be able to answer the calls on the main number. For example you can configure your 10 sales extension numbers as one hunt group which is tied to your main number. When the main number gets called, each of the 10 sales extensions will be alerted and any of those extensions will be able to answer the call. The extension numbers that are part of a hunt group can be arranged into groups known as stages. Each stage is configured to ring for a specified time period before the system proceeds with alerting the next stage.


The SUMO Cloud PBX built-in conferencing feature allows users to schedule multi-party conferences and invite conference participants with just one single click. Conference schedules are automatically emailed to all participants as Outlook calendar appointments with the main conference number and access code. The automatic conference reminder feature allows you to have SUMO Cloud PBX automatically call you seconds before your conference is about to begin. The access code feature ensures that no unauthorized users can join the conference and your team can hold conferences whenever you want. The SUMO Cloud PBX conferencing works across all devices whether you are using your IP desk phone while in the office or your softphone or cell phone when on the road.

Automatic Call Distribution

For businesses that handle high call volumes from callers who do not necessarily need to speak to a specific person but who may require assistance from any of the relevant individuals, like sales representatives or airline reservations attendants, an efficient call distribution mechanism becomes pivotal.

The SUMO Cloud PBX Automatic Call Distribution feature is designed to efficiently distribute incoming calls among a designated group of extensions or agents. Incoming calls are answered in the order of arrival and presented to the next available agent. When no agents are available, callers will hear a pre-recorded message informing them that all agents are busy and their call will be handled when the next agent becomes available. The message will be followed by music and after a period of time a second recording will inform the caller that all agents are still busy. The sequence of music and second recording will be repeated as many times as necessary to assure the caller that he has not been forgotten. When an agent becomes available, the call which has been waiting the longest will be presented to the available agent. The SUMO Cloud PBX Automatic Call Distribution feature provides multiple algorithms for call distribution including circular or rotary, longest idle, random, or weighted call distribution.

Cell Phone Integration

The extensive cell phone support of SUMO Cloud PBX allows you to use your cell phone as your primary business extension or simultaneously alert your cell phone with you fixed office extension. Your cell phone can even be part of a hunt group or ACD group and perform advanced call control functions that you would normally not be able to do otherwise. The special in-call menu for cell phones provides access to advanced call manipulation functions to 1. answer the call, 2. reject the call, 3. send the call to voicemail , 4. redirect the call, 5. park the call or 6. add caller to callback list. Using your existing cell phone with SUMO Cloud PBX eliminates the need for any additional hardware for the service.

Call Recording

Our SUMO Cloud PBX Call Recording feature is the perfect solution for customers who need a system to assist them in recording and monitoring all incoming and outgoing calls. Our innovative recording solution lets you record your calls on a call-by-call basis (On-demand recording) or record all calls automatically. Our easy to use web portal lets you listen to your recordings directly on your PC or have them emailed to your inbox. You can even have SUMO Cloud PBX upload your recordings to a central location of your choice for auto archiving. The SUMO Cloud PBX call recording feature works across all devices allowing you to record calls placed and received on your IP desk phone, softphone or cell phone. Recorded conversations can be used to monitor and improve your customer service, train your employees, check the accuracy of order fulfillment, archive recorded orders and credit card authorizations as well as to resolve disputes quickly.

Voicemail to email

Our SUMO Cloud PBX voicemail to email feature enables you to receive your voicemail messages as email attachments directly to your inbox. Every employee with an extension can select the email address of their choice where they would like to receive their voice messages. When a caller leaves a voicemail for an extension, SUMO Cloud PBX sends out an email notification to the associated email address with an audio file attachment corresponding to the voice message. The audio file attachment can then be played directly on the computer or on the cell phone. Receiving voicemails by email increases efficiency by allowing you to immediately jump to the relevant messages without having to navigate lengthy telephone menus and other messages. You can even set different recipients to receive specific types of notifications. For example, All missed call notifications could be set to go to your receptionist and the normal voice messages for your employees could be set to be emailed to their corresponding email addresses.


With the innovative Fax2email feature of SUMO Cloud PBX, you can now have your inbound faxes delivered to your email inbox directly as PDF attachments without the need for a fax machine. You can then save the fax, print it out, delete it, or forward it to your team members. Another great thing about our Fax2email solution - Your fax sender will never get a busy signal if your line is in use. With just one fax number, you can receive multiple faxes, simultaneously. With SUMO Cloud PBX it is time to say goodbye to bulky fax machines, expensive phone lines and paper jams!


According to surveys around 73% of callers put on hold want to hear something other than beeps or silence. Need we say that the likelihood of your callers staying on the line while they hear music is much more than if they were put on hold with complete silence on the line. As a business owner, you want to make sure that your customers and potential customers feel that they are cared for. The SUMO Cloud PBX Music-on-hold feature is a great way to ensure that your callers stay engaged while on hold while at the same time indicating that you are a professional company that cares for the comfort of its customers. And for you as a business, Music-on-Hold need not be music alone either! Add informative company announcements, sales promotions or even just a tip of the day. Just upload your on-hold audio file on your SUMO Cloud PBX domain or use a live streaming source to keep your callers on the line.

Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

Our Busy Lamp Field feature lets you monitor the status of other extensions in your group and retrieve parked calls. The status of each monitored extension or parking slot is indicated by the LEDs on the monitoring device. An Idle or off LED indicates the watched extension is idle, a blinking LED indicates that the watched extension is either ringing or has a parked call, and a lit LED indicates the watched extension is either connected or busy. The SUMO Cloud PBX BLF feature can be used in scenarios where team members want to pick up calls parked by other team members. In this case all team member monitor the status of the parking slots, and whenever a team member parks a call to one of the slots, all the team members are notified of the parked call and any of the team members can retrieve it. BLF is also useful for scenarios where for example the receptionist wants to see the call status of all employees and pickup their calls when they are not available.

Call Park

The SUMO Cloud PBX Call Park feature allows you to take a call on one extension, "transfer" the call to a "slot" called the "Park Orbit", and retrieve the call from another extension. When a call is parked, all extensions watching the park orbit indicate the status of parked call on their Busy Lamp Field panels. The team member wishing to pickup the call can simply press the blinking button on his phone to retrieve the parked call. Call Park is suitable for businesses that have departments that share calling responsibilities. When any particular member of a team is capable of handling a particular request or concern, Call Park allows your company to better distribute those calls. Rather than transferring the call to a specific individual who may or may not be available, Call Park enables any team member that is available to take the call.

Call Forwarding

SUMO Cloud PBX is designed to help you and your employees stay wired to the service whether at home, in the office or on the road. Use the SUMO Cloud PBX Call forwarding feature to receive your business calls on any device, in any location. Have SUMO Cloud PBX forward your calls automatically to other team members when you leave for vacation or have them forwarded to you cell phone when you are done for the day. Define the number of times a phone rings before your mailbox kicks-in or have the call redirected to a night number. With our find-me and follow-me features, you and your employees can be reached on virtually any telephone in the world whether on your cell phone, in the office, or at home. Our worldwide call forwarding ensures that you stay connected at all times and have the freedom to work from anywhere.

Call Barge-in

The SUMO Cloud PBX Call Barge-in feature allows an authorized team member to join in on an ongoing call. When a barge-in occurs, a three-way call is established between the three parties. In most of the cases the person barging in is either the receptionist contacting the boss to confirm for example an appointment or possibly a team member who can help facilitate a discussion. Call barge-in is a privacy sensitive feature and the administrator must setup permissions before the feature can be used. The permissions to jump into calls and listen to conversations may be legally restricted in certain countries; please use extra caution when using this feature.

Call Teach

Call Teach or Whisper feature allows an authorized team member to join in on a call with only one of the other parties knowing. This feature enables team members to speak to other team members to help them handle a customer call without the customer being aware of the assisting team member's presence. This is typically useful business scenarios where a trainer wants to offer tips to a new employee without the customer's knowledge. Call Teach is a privacy sensitive feature and the administrator must setup permissions before the feature can be used. The permissions to jump into calls and listen to conversations may be legally restricted in certain countries; please use extra caution when using this feature.

Call Listen-in

The SUMO Cloud PBX Call Listen feature provides authorized users the ability to listen in on calls without being detected. The Listen-in feature mutes the line of the team member listening-in on the call so that neither party can hear him. This feature is typically used to monitor performance. Call Listen-in is a privacy sensitive feature and the administrator must setup permissions before the feature can be used. The permissions to jump into calls and listen to conversations may be legally restricted in certain countries; please use extra caution when using this feature.

Multiple devices on a single extension

Remember when you were at the airport or in a hotel room and needed to make an urgent business call. Here's another great thing about our service! You can use up to three different phones with your SUMO Cloud PBX extension at no additional cost. So you can have a desk phone in the office, another one at home and use a softphone or Mobile app with SUMO Cloud PBX when on the go. Each phone will provide you with complete access to your SUMO Cloud PBX features including voicemail, conferencing, address book and more. So next time no need to lug your office phone with you and no more making expensive phone calls with your cell phone when on the road.

SMS notifications

The SMS notifications feature of SUMO Cloud PBX ensures you never miss a call or important voice messages, even when you're out of range, have your phone switched off, are busy on another call, or don't wish to answer your phone. The SUMO Cloud PBX SMS feature enables you to receive short text messages (SMS) for your domain related events as well as missed calls and voice messages notifications on any standard mobile phone. SUMO Cloud PBX users have the option to enable SMS notifications for their extensions, enabling them to be notified about their missed calls and any voice messages left for them via an SMS message, (sent direct to their cell phones). The SMS also includes the Caller ID of the missed call or the sender of the voice message.

User Portal

SUMO Cloud PBX provides a web based user portal that allows you to play and download your voicemails and call recordings, setup call redirection and cell phone alerting, manage contacts, schedule conferences, setup extension monitoring, view call history and program button behavior on your end device. The built-in attendant console panel lets you view the presence status of your team members as well place calls and perform advanced call manipulation functions.